Marina di Nettuno Circolo Nautico S.p.A.


To fully experience our Marina, you can download the myMarina app, which is fully interactive and connected directly to our offices.

Through myMarina you can get updated information on everything that happens in Marina di Nettuno through our alerts, you can check your invoices independently and pay them directly from the app, receive weather alerts in advance so you can check your moorings in advance and many other services on the businesses and agencies that operate within our port.

myMarina is also connected to the Plusmarine WebApp for remote management of the columns, so as to allow those who already use it to have all the advantages in a single app!

N.B.: myMarina does not replace the Plusmarine WebApp but includes it, i.e. everyone can choose whether to continue using the Plusmarine WebApp or access it through the myMarina app which contains many other services.
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