Marina di Nettuno Circolo Nautico S.p.A.

General Informations

A collection of information to which we have tried to  give a question and an answer for common needs

How to access the reserved area

Access to the reserved area of the site is simple and secure. The user will receive a user ID and a password with which to access the section with a series of privileges to be discovered.

Can I access the Marina in a vehicle?

Each vehicle authorized to enter the Marina has an electronic access device, which moves the barrier to the driveway in complete autonomy. Vehicles without electronic devices will have to request authorization before entering the Marina.

Does the port structure allow me to surf the internet?

Unfortunately not. The Marina has a powerful Wi-Fi network but it is not yet served by an internet connection fiber with the provider.

Where can I park my car?

The port is equipped with an unattended long-term parking under video surveillance, with a limited number of seats.
To book, send an email to indicating the days and the license plate number, you will then be sent the instructions for make the payment and complete the booking.