Marina di Nettuno Circolo Nautico S.p.A.

Information for boaters

A collection of information to which we have tried to give a question and an answer for boaters

On which channel does the Marina di Nettuno Control Tower respond?

VHF Channel 9

Can I book transit berths?

Yes, the Marina has a limited number of places that can be booked, it is possible make a booking request by clicking on the section "Book” e wait for the Navy to confirm your request. Alternatively, you can contact the accredited agencies.
You can always contact the Navy via VHF channel 9 a few miles away before the entrance to request availability.

Are there draft problems at the port entrance?

It depends on the tide, in general for drafts over 2.50 meters. it is advisable to contact the Tower which, if necessary, will guide you through a safe channel.

Can I dock for an hour to let passengers embark?

Absolutely yes. You must first contact the Tower on VHF channel 9 and wait for directions. The Tower will tell you the waiting times and the platform on which to transit.